How to Start a STEM/Makerspace Program at Your School
A MakerState Guide

Everything you always wanted to know
about starting your school’s own
STEM/makerspace program.

What’s included:

  • Why Every School Should Have a Makerspace
  • The Four Critical Career Skills that Your Children Need in the Future
  • How to Get Started: Make Your Own Experience First
  • How Can I Tell If It’s a Good STEM/Maker Program?
  • How to Launch or Level-Up a STEM/Maker Program in Your In-School, After-School, or Community-Based Program
  • Resource Guide to Set Up Your Own STEM/Makerspace Program
  • Starting a School-Based STEM Makerspace: How Four Parents Did It
  • Top Ten Tips for Parents in Starting a STEM/Makerspace
  • Why STEM Programs Are Needed for Our Kids
  • Our Learning Standards: Fiero & Flow
  • Books that guide MakerState in its approach to student-centered STEM learning
I want a makerspace for my kids!