USDLA K-12 Virtual Student Engagement Certification

Engaging Students Online for Mastery-Based Learning

a six week USDLA K-12 Distance Learning Teacher Webinar/Workshop Series

Join us for a six week workshop series in online learning to ensure student success now and in the future. We’ll explore pedagogical practices that ensure student success in live and asynchronous settings. Our format will include mini-lessons on platforms like Padlet, Loom, Pear Deck, Nearpod, Flipgrid, Google Classroom, and more, with time to practice incorporating these new learning experiences and platforms into our lessons. The goal here is student-centered learning. These workshops will model how to create learning experiences that build student choice, agency, collaboration, and learning accountability for you and your students.

Hands-on topics include:


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Engagement & Social Emotional Learning

Week 1

Why we are learning is as important as what we are learning. Let’s focus on engaging our students through fun, hands-on learning experiences that give them increasing internal motivation and locus of control. In this workshop, we’re moving from teacher-directed practices to student voice, choice and agency. We’re focusing on engagement with an emphasis on social emotional learning, fostering the development of emotional intelligence, emotional awareness, security and growth.

Hands-on topics include:

Class Organization & Assessment for Student Agency

Week 2

We’re starting our workshop series with online class organization that foster student agency, autonomy, and accountability. We’ll learn techniques for creating more transparency and access to class scheduling, assignments, responsibilities and deadlines. We’ll ask a key question: Who is practicing decision-making in our class? Moving from teacher control to student executive functioning, from teacher-centered to student-centered learning.

Hands-on topics include:

Creating Classroom Choice & Differentiation with Artifacts of Learning Iteration

Week 3

How do your students show their mastery in the application of new knowledge and skills? In this workshop, we’ll model and try classroom practices that allow students to show the evolution of their thinking and learning.

Hands-on topics include:

Peer Interaction & Project-Based Learning

Week 4

How do students interact and collaborate online for lasting learning? In this workshop, we’ll focus on classroom practices that foster student collaboration and co-creation. We’ll emphasize iteration on original work based on self-evaluation and peer feedback. We’ll also look at ways for students to work together live and asynchronously to study together, complete group assignments, and help hold each other accountable.

Hands-on topics include:

Family & Community Engagement

Week 5

Are the learning experiences we create for students connected to their lives and the real world? Can our students answer the “why” of their learning? In this workshop, we’ll explore classroom practices that ensure culturally responsive, real-world learning with an emphasis on including family and community into the learning experiences of our students.

Hands-on topics include:

Blended Learning Curriculum Integration

Week 6

How can we build on our holistic distance learning practices for engaging, rigorous learning through Covid and beyond? This workshop will focus on applying and incorporating the tools from previous workshops into our ongoing curriculum. What we have learned in our time of remote and hybrid learning will empower our students’ learning for a lifetime!

Hands-on topics include: