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New York City STEM Programs

At MakerState, we are working to pioneer and provision hands-on STEM education in New York City and nationwide. Your child can join us, every day and all year long in the makerspace!

  • After School Inventor’s Clubs – After School makerspace on the Upper West Side Where children are challenged with a new build each week in coding, robotics, 3D design and more.

  • STEM & Coding Summer Camp – A week full of fun-first STEM challenge builds that develop STEM skills as well as real-world problem solving, communication and social skills, plus outdoor play!

  • Holiday Camps – Every day or week school is out for holidays, we are open for fun-first STEM challenge builds that develop real-world problem solving, communication and social skills, plus outdoor play!

  • Saturday workshops – Our weekend workshops run from 9am-12pm and include creative hands-on STEM and coding projects to inspire your budding engineer!

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We’re teachers, scientists, technologists, artists, coders, activists, tinkerers…makers.

We Believe the Future of Learning is in Creation!

New York STEM Education – The MakerState Mission:

MakerState’s mission is to help transform K-12 education through student-centered, inquiry-based and experiential learning. We foster a love of lifelong learning through hands-on STEM/coding creativity for all kids ages 6-14. Our approach to STEM education allows kids to create and problem solve through the implementation of robotic technology, coding, engineering, rocket science, game design, Minecraft and 3D design and more.

Designed to ignite passion!


STEM Education in New York City!

We are working to transform K-12 education. To this end, MakerState is working to build capacity and increase STEM/coding within schools through the implementation of makerspaces and teacher training.

MakerState partners with organizations such as Schools That Can, the National Science Foundation Maker Partnership and NYC DOE’s ‘CS4all’ to train and support over 5,000 New York City teachers in teaching coding and STEM to their elementary and middle school students.

A Message from our Founder

Our kids’ potential is limitless! It’s our role as parents and educators to help our children discover their passions. I started MakerState STEM education with my son Ben to share the fun we had in our play-based, hands-on building projects in robotics, coding and engineering with elementary and middle school-age kids throughout our city.

As a father, former public school teacher, and veteran, I believe that we have to provide opportunities for all kids to fall in love with STEM education. At MakerState, we have created the space to do just that.

MakerState is here to help foster that love through fun, real-world STEM projects. The communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills they learn will empower them in school, college and beyond. I’m excited about our kids’ future!

Stephen Gilman, Founder & Executive Director

LEGO WeDo & Ozobot Robotics: Introduction to Engineering
LEGO WeDo & Ozobot Robotics: Introduction to Engineering (ages 6-10)

LEGO Mindstorms & Custom Built Robots (ages 10-14)

Coding & Animation with Scratch & Blender
My First Code with Scratch & Bloxel (ages 6-10)

Game Design and Animation with Scratch & Piskel (ages 10-14)

Hands-on Engineering
Engineering to Infinity & Beyond (ages 6-10)

Hands-on Engineering & Design (ages 10-14)

Minecraft Engineering & Rocket Science
First Mission to Space: Minecraft Engineering & Rocket Science (ages 6-10)

Our Moonbase Mission: Minecraft Engineering & Rocket Science (ages 10-14)

Game Design Jam with Scratch & Kodu Coding
Game Design Jam with Scratch Coding (ages 6-10)

Game Design Jam with Kodu Coding (ages 10-14)

LEGO Robotics & Ozobot Coding
LEGO WeDo & Ozobot Robotics: Introduction to Coding (ages 6-10)

Mars Mission Robotics: Coding with LEGO Mindstorms & Ozobot (ages 10-14)

TinkerCAD & 3D Design
Together We Build: 3D Architecture & Animated Movies (ages 6-10)

3D Modeling & Digital Arts (ages 10-14)

Inventor’s Camp
Intro to Invention (ages 6-10)

Inventing Our Future (ages 10-14)

Minecraft Coding & Roblox Game Design
Play-based Coding & Worldbuilding with Minecraft & Bloxel (ages 6-10)

Creative Coding with Minecraft & Roblox (ages 10-14)

Why MakerState?

  • Learning through play, art and games

  • Building with cardboard, clay, playfoam, circuits and code

  • Taking on new challenges and earning new sticker badges

  • Playtesting our designs and learning that problem-solving is fun

  • Learning to create something new every day!

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