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  • A Pop Up Makerspace, which your young makers plan and deliver, to share their STEM-mastery, maker-learning projects with the wider school community.

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  • If you have a location suggestion for a program that is not school-based, let us know and we can bring the program to your community room or center or place of worship.
  • A minimum of six kids are necessary to start a program.
  • You can share the course descriptions below with your fellow parents/educators and choose which one you’d like us to deliver.
  • Most courses last for 12-18 weeks with weekly 80 minute sessions.

See below for programming descriptions which you may choose from for your afterschool program:

MakerState Winter/Spring 2019 After School Programs

Program Type: Building


Junior Engineers

Introduces students to hands-on building projects with a fun-first approach to social and STEM skill development using creative and critical thinking.


Junior Engineers – Younger students will use a combination of DIY projects and educational kits to explore basic engineering, science and coding principles.


Inventor’s Club

Physical build projects and inventions that use the engineering design process to guide students through STEM problem-solving.


Inventor’s Club – Students will learn the creative and problem-solving process of Engineering Design with hands-on STEM building and invention projects.

Program Type: Coding


My First Code

A fun-first introduction to coding and computational thinking with physical games, building activities, and introductory coding concepts.


My First Code with Scratch – Young programmers will be able to create their own 2D game projects using this Visual Coding developed by MIT.

My First Code with Real World Coding – Students will explore programming principles that combine real world and digital interactions.


Coding Club

Learning computer programming through problem-solving, logic, and play-based design by building and playtesting our own games and apps.


Coding Club with Minecraft – Students will experience virtual computing activities while in Minecraft by using the programing language LUA.

Coding Club with Kodu – Students will apply coding principles to 3D world-building and game development (Requires Windows Computers).

Program Type: Robotics


Beginner Bots

Grow a student’s budding interest in engineering and coding by providing them with the opportunity to interact with robots designed for young learners.


Beginner Bots with LEGO WeDo – Students will assemble robots themselves from beginner kits before coding them with basic robotic tasks.

Beginner Bots with Ozobot – Students will create hand-drawn, art-based programs using colors and shapes to guide their robots through basic tasks.


Bot Masters

Build robots designed to interpret the world around them with programming to help them interact with that world in unique and engage ways.


Bot Masters with LEGO Mindstorms – Students will build and code robots with sensors to explore, gather data, and defend the planet.

Bot Masters with Ozobot – Students will code robots with hand-drawn art and then the Ozoblockly coding language.

Program Type: Creative


Makers & Creators

Students express themselves through the creation of artistic projects using fun-first technologies.


Makers & Creators – Art combines with technology to turn playful physical creativity into learning with STEM.


Digital Designing

Aspiring student designers will have the opportunity to create whatever they can imagine in this digital approach to technology-based creative careers.


Digital Designing with Minecraft Storytelling – Using a combination of art and writing, students will be able to craft their own stories in Minecraft.

Digital Designing with TinkerCAD – Introduces students to designing 2D plans and 3D models with computer-aided design toolsets.

Program Descriptions

Junior Engineers (grades K-2)
It’s super-fun to build something new every day! Let’s create self-powering cars, secret circuit cards, marble roller coasters, spinning anemometers, and code our way through mazes in this fun-first, hands-on introduction to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Want to give screen time a break and get into some hands-on engineering? Let’s start building!

Inventors Club (grades 3-5)
Is there an artist or engineer inside you waiting to come alive? You’re ready to become an inventor. We’ll create LED circuit art, computational thinking card games, physics-defying catapults, mechanical arms, and Mars-worthy rockets. Let’s give screen time a break and get into some hands-on, DIY engineering. Ready to take your creativity to the next level? Future Da Vinci’s apply here.

My First Code (grades K-2)
Let’s code robots with our own art and create bracelets that spell our name in computer code in this super-fun, hands-on introduction to computer science. Can you find the treasure? Can you and your friends escape the maze with secret codes? Can you say “Hello World” through adventure art? Computational thinking is really just problem-solving. Let’s unlock the code to lifelong learning together!

Coding Club (grades 3-5)
Are games your thing? You can code them. Fortnite Fan? Let’s jump the Battle Bus into our own hand-made games. We’ll learn to code by building worlds in Minecraft, Kodu, and MIT’s Scratch coding language. Combine imagination with art with new skills in computer science to create legendary games that our friends can play and learn problem solving, logic, and diligent design in the process. It’s Tilted Towering action with epic coding skills in the making. Let’s code!

Beginner Bots (grades K-2)
Oh wow, robots are fun! Let’s build Milo the Science Rover and our own animal farms and sports games with the fun-first Ozobot and WeDo robotics systems. Budding engineers will practice creativity, problem-solving, communication, socializing and teamwork skills as they build a new project every day. Robotics is the fastest-growing industry in the world. And it’s also the most fun way to learn computer science. Let’s build some bots!

BotMasters (grades 3-5)
It’s robot-building time! Let’s construct “Tracker”, “Gripper”, and “Raptor” robots with the LEGO Mindstorms system! And code robots guided by art that we create with the tiny but powerful Ozobot. This course is all about bots but coding is the essential skill backed up by engineering design. Just like the inventor engineers at MIT’s Media Lab, we’ll use real-world touch, color, gyroscopic, and ultrasonic sensors to control motors, lights, pictures and sounds. It’s fun-first, project-based skill-building in creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. And all robots!

Makers & Creators (grades K-2)
Calling all budding digital artists! Let’s create stop-motion animation movies with Lego and claymation and mix in our own music, memes, 3D objects, comics and games that tell our story. It’s action-packed digital arts that will build a lifetime love for creativity, design, and storytelling!

Digital Directors (grades 3-5)
You have a story to tell! Let’s create that story with your own own music, movies, and memes in this hands-on, fun-first introduction to the digital arts. We’ll build mystery worlds and guide new players through it in Minecraft. We’ll 3D design secret artifacts in TinkerCAD. We’ll jump into our own claymation, personal soundtrack mixing, and viral memes that tell our story. We can even remix our favorite songs and create beats, melodies and loops with our own original recorded sounds. This is action-packed digital arts that will build a lifetime love for creativity, design, and storytelling! Your story is who you are. Let’s craft that story together!