We’re teachers, scientists, technologists, artists, activists, tinkerers…makers. We believe the future of learning is in making.

Maker State Administration Team

Stephen Gilman

Stephen is the founder and executive director of MakerState. Stephen and his son Ben started MakerState because they wanted to bring fun STEAM building projects in robotics, coding, game design and more to all kids, schools and communities (STEAM: science, tech, engineering, arts, math). Stephen is a founding board member of the Urban Assembly Maker Academy, a founder of the Carnegie Learning Center, and founding teacher and dean of Bronx Expeditionary Learning High School (now Bronx Collegiate), a public school based in Outward Bound experiential learning. He is a founding board member of UlsterCorps, a volunteer network in New York, and is the author of Nightshade, an historical thriller set in 1702 about a conspiracy to control the Atlantic slave trade. Stephen enjoys pottery, beekeeping, geocaching, fiction writing, making and playing games, and creativity of all kinds.

Jonathan Collins

Jonathan is passionate about robotics and video game design. He is finishing his degree in video game design at DeVry University as we speak. Jonathan is always up for big video game session, building a LEGO set, playing Ultimate frisbee and everything in between. Jonathan is a jack-of-all-trades, as long as he can have fun doing it, he will join in! Some of the programs Jonathan is teaching at MakerState involve LEGO Robotics, Scratch programming, Minecraft and Space Engineers. He is doing so with the knowledge he has gained from program and coding backgrounds in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, and many Adobe and Microsoft Office programs, as well as LEGO Mindstorms.

Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon is a 3D Artist/Generalist who graduated from Mercy College with a BFA in 3D Modeling and Animation during the Spring of 2015. Kevin has enjoyed art since he was a kid and enjoys creating new characters and ideas that can be featured in future games/movies. He has previously mentored and tutored at an after school program and believes that the future of learning is in the 3D and Game Design field. He remains passionate that all kids who have an interest in art should have the opportunity to learn and cultivate that interest. To that end, he has enjoyed teaching many of the creative and artistic programs MakerState has to offer such as Stop Motion Animation and Minecraft Modding. Kevin is a video game enthusiast and has played many of the major video games that have come out in recent years. Masteries: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Video Editing, Game Design, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Hannah Morse

Hannah is secondary school mathematics education major at NYU. Hannah tutors middle and high school students in various math disciplines and the SAT and ACT exams. She recently spent a semester learning about the educational system of the UK and completed a session of student teaching in public schools there. One of her goals as a teacher is to increase the number of students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM fields. When she isn’t teaching or in class she pursues her love of photography, plays the piano, listens to all different types of music, and explores New York City. Masteries: iMovie, dark room development, sign language, Garage Band, Pixlr.