3D Modeling & Digital Arts – Upper West Side


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3D Modeling & Digital Arts

You have a story to tell! Let’s create that story with your own 3D designs, animated movies, and music in this introduction to the digital arts and design. We’ll jump into our own worlds created using animation and digital music software designed to help you bring that world to life. At the same time we’ll learn the process behind creating 3D models in video games and 3D animation. This experience will build a lifetime love for creativity, design, and storytelling! Your story is who you are. Let’s craft that story together!

“Young engineers ages 6-14 will build, play and learn together and on their own according to their interests and abilities. Your child may work on a project in either of the age groups listed here.”

Together We Build: 3D Architecture & Animated Movies

Calling all up-and-coming digital architects and film animators! Together, we’ll create classic stop-motion animated movies and our own architectural designs. We’ll get hands on with modeling clay and cameras while leveling up computer skills with 3D design in TinkerCAD as we learn and master the Engineering Design process. This is an action-packed, hands-on digital arts week that will build a lifetime love for creativity, design, and storytelling. Epic fun. Serious skills. Let’s imagine, design and create!