Engineering to Infinity & Beyond – Upper East Side


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Engineering to Infinity & Beyond

It’s super-fun to design and create something new every day! We’ll create new 3D designs with Lux Blox, ZomeTool, and Polydrons and build alternative-powered toy cars, secret circuit cards, mind-bending marble runs, and pneumatic arms in this fun-first, hands-on introduction to STEAM. These projects inspire a new perspectives on how the world works around us and create a passion for science and problem solving. Let’s start building!

“Young engineers ages 6-14 will build, play and learn together and on their own according to their interests and abilities. Your child may work on a project in either of the age groups listed here.”

Hands-on Engineering & Design

Calling all engineers and inventors! This camp is all about hands-on creativity. We’ll create LED circuit art, mind-bending marble runs, mechanical arms, and a Mars-worthy rocket. Let’s get into some DIY projects and become masters of the Engineering Design Process. We’ll get our hands on new microcomputing and invention technologies, such as the Hummingbird or Micro:bit, to super-power our inventions. Ready to take your creativity to the next level? Future Da Vinci’s apply here!