Game Design and Animation with Scratch & Piskel – Park Slope


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Game Design and Animation with Scratch & Piskel

Are games, animations, and movies your thing? Let’s code them. We’re taking MIT’s Scratch coding language to the next level in this creative combination of art and computer science. We’ll make our own spin on classic arcade games like Pacman and Frogger that our friends can play. We will also create superhero animations for new game characters in Piskel. Along the way we’ll learn problem solving, logic, and diligent design. Aspiring game designers and internet trendsetters will have the opportunity to create whatever they can imagine in this digital approach to technology-based creativity. Dream it! Draw it! Code it!

“Young engineers ages 6-14 will build, play and learn together and on their own according to their interests and abilities. Your child may work on a project in either of the age groups listed here.”

My First Code with Scratch & Bloxel

Let’s learn to create bracelets that spell our name in computer code while we also incorporate martial arts, dance, and other fun physical activities into our Scratch creations. In this super-fun, hands-on introduction to computer science, we’ll be combining coding with movement. Can you code a Parkour jump and roll adventure game? How about a multiplayer Karate Boss Battle to play against your best friend? Can you get your interactive program to say “Hello World” through adventure art? We’ll mix it up with some animated sprites & pixel art in Piskel and jump into the Bloxel game design set to use real-world blocks to bring our games to life through animated landscapes, characters, and objects. Computational thinking is really just a fun way to problem-solve. Let’s get moving and unlock the code to lifelong learning together! Let’s code!