LEGO Robotics & Hands-on 3D Design with TinkerCAD – Lower East Side – Week 3 – July 13-17


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Ever wonder what it’s like to build your own robot from scratch? This is your camp! Each day of camp, you’ll build a bigger and smarter and faster robot that learns to explore and create a more sustainable future. You’ll also 3D design and print your own robot accessories with the 3Doodler pen. And you’ll craft obstacles and for your robot to navigate in TinkerCAD. We’ll also create geometric shapes with hands-on jello blocks and play dough straw engineering and cardboard automata to discover mechanics and physics. And we’ll explore the fundamentals of AI and machine learning as we unleash a world of walking, talking, thinking robots that builder a greener world for all. This is advanced hands-on creativity for advanced fun and learning!

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