LEGO WeDo & Ozobot Robotics: Introduction to Engineering – Upper West Side


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LEGO WeDo & Ozobot Robotics: Introduction to Engineering

Oh wow, robots are fun! Let’s build robotic animals, sports games, and maze runners with the fun-first LEGO WeDo and Ozobot robotics systems. Our bots push, pull, reel, and steer, responding to their environment just as we build and code them. Plus an exciting introduction to the new LEGO Boost robotics system. Budding engineers will practice creativity, problem-solving, communication, socializing, and teamwork skills as they work on a new project every day. Robotics is the fastest-growing industry in the world. And it’s also the most fun way to be introduced to computer science. Let’s build some bots!

“Young engineers ages 6-14 will build, play and learn together and on their own according to their interests and abilities. Your child may work on a project in either of the age groups listed here.”

LEGO Mindstorms & Custom Built Robots

It’s robot-building time! Let’s construct rover robots with the LEGO Mindstorms system! We’ll program Ozobots at an advanced level with the Ozoblockly editor. Plus exciting introductions to new robotics and microcontroller systems like LEGO Boost, Hummingbird, and Micro:bit. This camp is all about building, coding, and inventing with bots through the Engineering Design Process. Just like the inventor engineers at MIT’s Media Lab, we’ll use real-world touch, color, gyroscopic, and ultrasonic sensors to control motors, lights, and sounds on each robot. From maze navigation to bot battle arenas, this is fun-first, project-based skill-building in that areas of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. And all robots!