Your students want to build robots!

MakerState can provide everything you need to start a FIRST LEGO League Robotics team at your school (during or afterschool).

Budding engineers at your school can dive into the world of robotics and coding this coming semester, guided by a MakerState Robotics Coach!

MakerState Robotics Coaches will organize and guide your young engineers (K-8), through the annual FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition. Your student team will research real world problems such as pollution, helping elderly assisted living, climate change, and life-saving technologies to create a “one of a kind” robot that will solve the challenges presented. Students will create an original solution for a problem, then design and build a robot using a LEGO Mindstorms kit within a common set of rules to accomplish “missions” on a playing field. While working on the challenge, students will learn and have fun delving into the world of robotics and coding! Your students can change the world. This year-long program will give them the opportunity and tools to do just that!

STEAM Skills!

Skills emphasized by our in LEGO Robotics Coaches:

  • Robotics design
  • Computer programming
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Skills learned
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Information literacy (knowing how to find and use the information you need)

Interested in Robotics classes not tied to the Lego First competition? Click Here!

Our Robotics Coaches can organize and lead your choice of two programs:

FIRST LEGO League Jr. (Grades 1-3) – Starts Aug 1 (or later)

  • Utilizes the amazing WeDo 2.0 robotics system (now untethered with bluetooth!)
  • Ages 6  to 10; (participants must be 10 or younger at the beginning of the season)
  • Non-competitive program team-based program that culminates with a showcase expo.
  • In the 2016-2017 Creature Craze Challenge, over 40,000 children will dive into the wonders of the  the animal kingdom.
  • Each team of students collaboratively constructs a Show Me Poster and a Lego Robotics Model.
  • Every team is awarded based on their specific strengths (teamwork, amazing movement, robust design, effort and learning, construction innovation, team spirit, etc.)

FIRST LEGO League (Grades 4-8) – Starts Aug 3

  • Utilizes the popular Lego Mindstorms EV3 system
  • Participants must be 14 years or younger by January 1st, 2016
  • A competitive program of 28,000 teams of students worldwide.
  • Each team is invited to construct a three-part challenge:
    • Core Values Poster (celebrating the team’s use of values in their collaborative work).
    • An Animal Allies project participants learn more about the science behind the Animal Allies theme and then use their creativity to design a solution / modify an existing solution to a real-world problem.
    • Robot Design (participants build, test, and program an autonomous robot to solve a set of missions in a Robot Game).

FIRST redefines “winning” by rewarding teams for achievements not necessarily gained on the field of play − excellence in design, demonstrated team spirit, Gracious Professionalism®, community outreach, and more are recognized with awards. Winning is always secondary to the quality of the overall experience.Your school will be proud of it’s FIRST LEGO League team and will look forward to each new challenge, creating, problem-solving, and exhibiting your awesome accomplishments every step of the way!

What we provide for participant schools and parent groups:

  • a trained Maker Fellow Robotics Coach
  • a step-by-step Challenge Curriculum in robotics
  • team registration and all the robotics gear to run the program
  • team uniforms
  • a sponsor package to help you raise money for your team and/or PTA/school

Contact us to get started for Fall!