Virtual afterschool inventors club

Learning in fun and creative ways that relate to our everyday world.

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Program Features

50 Minutes Weekly Class

We cover a lot in 50 minutes to keep each young engineer's attention and interest.

Live instructors

Our live instructors are engaging and interacting so your child is learning in real time.

New Projects Every Class

We’ve got new projects every session as we’ve created a true virtual makerspace for our budding engineers.

Private and Password Protected Live Class

Makerstate cares about your child’s privacy, our classes are 100% secure and password protected 24/7.

Program Benefits

Improve Problem Solving Skills

Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

Learn Basic Coding and Programming

Virtual Team Building Experience

Program Includes

Virtual Robotics & Lego Digital Design

Design and code virtual robots in VEXcode VR, and design 3D creatures and vehicles in LEGO Digital Design. Let’s build and invent together.

Engineering with Lego, TinkerCAD & Minecraft

3D design dragons, villages and more in TinkerCAD, create new worlds in Minecraft and invent anything you can imagine in Lego Digital Design!

Roblox World Coding

This program will turn every beginner into a Roblox coding champion! Join the global community of developers to imagine, create and play together in countless immersive 3D experiences. Learn basic skills in coding, game design, and entrepreneurism – skills that are all transferrable to real life!

Game Developing Unity

Love video games and ready to take your 3D game design skills to the next level? Create characters, maps and quests with the powerful game development engine Unity. Included: Introduction to C++ and Creative Coding. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

TinkerCAD 3D Design

This program will turn you into a 3D design pro! We’ll learn and apply the skills industrial designers, architects, and engineers use to design and create through fun and challenging 3D design projects.

Fun and learning awaits for your child!

10% discount

Coupon code: SpringAfterschool21