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Covid-19 STEM Summer Camp 2020 Update

We believe our kids need hands-on, creative play and building with each other now more than ever. We are committed to providing socially safe, fun, and transformative learning experiences. Like you, we are constantly monitoring guidelines posted by New York City and State, the NYC Department of Education, the CDC, the American Camp Association, and our location hosts in each neighborhood. We were pleased to hear Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that day camps may open, with health and safety measures, on June 29th (see “Cuomo gives green light to N.Y. summer day camps”).

While the situation continues to change week by week, we are preparing for two options for our kids and families: virtual camp online with live instructors and, potentially, in-person camps that meet and exceed all health and safety measures. The evolving situation will likely impact our camp themes and activities, but you can rest assured that we will run the safest and most engaging camps, even if only virtually, for the entire 10 weeks of summer. Read more here.

Virtual STEM Camp starts June 29th! Join us this summer!

We encourage you to enroll in our engaging hands-on with live instructors Virtual STEM Summer Camp and then if we offer an in-person camp, you may apply your camp purchase price to the in-person program of choice.


Education & Coding, Lego Robotics, Engineering for kids and more at MakerState Summer Camp!

MakerState’s STEM Summer Camp offers week long summer camp programs featuring themes in robotics, coding, engineering, rocket science, game design, Minecraft, 3D design and more.

Our STEM Summer Camp Programs are designed to develop kids’ STEM skills as well as communication skills, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Summer Camp is taught by fingerprinted and background-checked Maker Fellows who excel in STEM.

This year MakerState introduces an overarching theme of Sustainability. This provides kids with the opportunity to connect the lessons, community and the wider world through addressing real-world issues, and solving them through STEM education.

Our STEM Summer Camps are offered throughout New York City.


MakerState’s mission is to help transform K-12 education through student-centered, inquiry-based and experiential learning. Our approach to STEM education allows kids to create and problem solve through the implementation of robotic technology, coding, engineering, rocket science, game design, Minecraft and 3D design and more.

STEM Education – The MakerState Mission:

Science/Tech/Engineering/Arts/Maker Camp with emphasis on Fun! Our STEM Summer Camp focuses on developing kids’ STEM skills and social skills through team oriented, challenging projects. This year MakerState introduces an overarching theme of Sustainability. This provides kids with the opportunity to connect the lessons, community and the wider world through addressing real-world issues, and solving them through STEM education.

Maker State STEM Camp Offers

Maker State offers in-depth, hands-on instruction of STEM focused learning – best part is we make it fun for kids! During summer camp we teach kids coding, lego robotics and engineering.

Do you have a robot or video game enthusiast at home? We would love to meet them!

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  • 8:30am-9am: Drop off and creative play

  • 9am: Open Makerspace: exploring and creating with littleBits, MaKey MaKey, CircuitScribe, and Snap Circuits

  • 9:30am: Circle Meeting: Explore the morning Challenge and the Prototype we’ll build with a special emphasis on how it’s built, the STEM concept/skill we’ll learn, and where we see this in the real world

  • 11:30am: Break for lunch and physical play recess that includes games, laser tag, water balloons, and more

  • 1:30pm: Circle Meeting and another Challenge and Prototype building session in the afternoon

  • 3pm: Circle Debrief: we reflect upon our creativity and collaboration for the day and are awarded our badges (plus healthy snacks)

  • 3pm-3:30pm: Open Makerspace

  • 4pm: Camp Day Ends

  • 4pm-4:30pm: Pick Up



  • Day camp for makers ages 6-14

  • At least two hands-on STEM tech-arts projects every day

  • Recess & play every day with laser tag and water balloons

  • T-shirt, lanyard & project badges awarded

  • Skill-building in coding, design, problem-solving, communicating, collaborating, and more

Lots of Outdoor Play!

In between our hands-on projects, we’ll take play breaks in and outside that give us plenty of time for fun, healthy games like Capture the Flag Laser Tag and water balloon relays! Along the way, we’ll earn Challenge Badges for new skills like Computational Thinking, Problem Solving, Engineering Design, Teamwork, and ChangeMaking. Fun first, hands-on, creative, skill-building! See you at STEM & Coding Summer Camp!

Every Camp Week Includes


Every camp week features hands-on building projects and science experiments as well as creative projects in 3D printing, Ozobot Robotics Arts, Minecraft Engineering, Laser Tag and Outdoor Play.

Building a Sustainable

Every camp week features building projects for imagining, building and sharing a cleaner, greener, more sustainable community. We’re creating sustainable art and crafting engineering and physics projects that are mindful of planet protection and sustainable futures for everyone around the world.

We’re Proud of the Badges We Earn Every Week

Budding engineers earn badges in creativity, problem-solving, communication, socializing, and teamwork skills as they create, build and share new projects every day. Our sticker badges are so much fun to collect!

Deeper Learning at MakerState STEM Camp


Our daily projects and practice introduce executive function and self-regulation skills. Executive functioning is the mental process that enables us to plan, focus attention, make decisions, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. These fundamental abilities, often called the “CEO of the Brain”, enable school achievement, positive behaviors and relationships, good health, and later career success. Our approach to Executive Functioning comes from the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University.

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is how children learn to understand and manage emotions, set goals, show empathy for others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Our young engineers practice these SEL skills within daily project-based learning experiences. Our approach to SEL comes from the pioneering SEL research and standards of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).


It’s a great program and I love that my kids want to do it. He wants to do it all summer!

Heather, Upper West Side parent of two STEM Campers

It was the best week of his life. He cried when we picked him up.

Brenda, Mom

“MakerState’s STEAM program was a highlight of our summer camp! Campers reveled in learning new skills and learning either how to play Minecraft or get better at it!”

Stella, Garden Summer Program-Director

“Making the water bottles and Minecraft was the coolest thing at camp!”

As told by a STEM Summer Camp engineer

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the great few days in the camp. My son Oliver absolutely loved it. I am so annoyed I didn’t know about you earlier! We would have def sign up for more weeks. But we’ll be sure to sign up in the future. And special shout to Kourtney who did a fantastic job with Oliver this week.”

Sanida, Parent

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STEM Camp – Park Slope
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