Lower East Side STEM Camp!

Education & Coding, Lego Robotics, Engineering for kids and more at MakerState Summer Camp!

MakerState’s STEM Summer Camp offers week long summer camp programs featuring themes in robotics, coding, engineering, rocket science, game design, Minecraft, 3D design and more.
Our Lower East Side STEM Summer Camp Programs are designed to develop kids’ STEM skills as well as communication skills, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Summer Camp is taught by fingerprinted and background-checked Maker Fellows who excel in STEM.
This year MakerState introduces an overarching theme of Sustainability. This provides kids with the opportunity to connect the lessons, community and the wider world through addressing real-world issues, and solving them through STEM education.
Our STEM Summer Camps are offered throughout New York City with locations right here in Lower East Side.

STEM Camp – Lower East Side

Seward Park Canal St. and Essex St. New York, NY 10002


MakerState’s mission is to help transform K-12 education through student-centered, inquiry-based and experiential learning. Our approach to STEM education allows kids to create and problem solve through the implementation of robotic technology, coding, engineering, rocket science, game design, Minecraft and 3D design and more.

Lower East Side STEM Education – The MakerState Mission

Science/Tech/Engineering/Arts/Maker Camp with emphasis on Fun! Our STEM Summer Camp in Upper East Side focuses on developing kids’ STEM skills and social skills through team oriented, challenging projects. This year MakerState introduces an overarching theme of Sustainability. This provides kids with the opportunity to connect the lessons, community and the wider world through addressing real-world issues, and solving them through STEM education.

MakerState STEM Camp Offers:

MakerState offers in-depth, hands-on instruction of STEM focused learning – best part is we make it fun for kids! During summer camp we teach kids coding, lego robotics and engineering.

Do you have a robot or video game enthusiast at home? We would love to meet them!



  • 8:30am-9am: Drop off and creative play
  • 9am: Open Makerspace: exploring and creating with littleBits, MaKey MaKey, CircuitScribe, and Snap Circuits
  • 9:30am: Circle Meeting: Explore the morning Challenge and the Prototype we’ll build with a special emphasis on how it’s built, the STEM concept/skill we’ll learn, and where we see this in the real world
  • 11:30am: Break for lunch and physical play recess that includes games, laser tag, water balloons, and more
  • 1:30pm: Circle Meeting and another Challenge and Prototype building session in the afternoon
  • 3pm: Circle Debrief: we reflect upon our creativity and collaboration for the day and are awarded our badges (plus healthy snacks)
  • 3:30pm: Open Makerspace
  • 4pm: Camp Day Ends
  • 4pm-4:30pm: Pick-up



  • Day camp for makers ages 6-14
  • At least two hands-on STEM tech-arts projects every day
  • Recess & play every day with laser tag and water balloons
  • T-shirt, lanyard & project badges awarded
  • Skill-building in coding, design, problem-solving, communicating, collaborating, and more

Lots of Outdoor Play!

In between our hands-on projects, we’ll take play breaks in and outside that give us plenty of time for fun, healthy games like Capture the Flag Laser Tag and water balloon relays! Along the way, we’ll earn Challenge Badges for new skills like Computational Thinking, Problem Solving, Engineering Design, Teamwork, and ChangeMaking. Fun first, hands-on, creative, skill-building! See you at STEM & Coding Summer Camp!

STEM SUMMER CAMP After Care Program

We have a super-fun daily After Care Program that starts upon STEM Camp completion at 4pm and runs until 5:30pm. Pick up can happen any time between 5:30pm-6:00pm (late pick up fee past 6:00pm–see below). The cost is $150/week or $40/day. After Care activities include Minecraft Engineering, Scratch Coding Game Design, movies, board games, and more. Parents may register for one day or up to five days per week. Same day purchase of single day After Care ($40/day) is a great option if you know you are going to be running late that day! In those cases please, please text your camp director.

What if I’m running late to pick up my child?

It happens! You can go online and purchase a single day of aftercare or the late fees listed below will be applied to your registration as the time of pick up is recorded for each child; and you’ll then be billed for late pick up fees. Please acknowledge that you understand our late fee policy.

Pick-up time for STEM Campers:Pick-up time for After Care STEM campers:Late fee charged:
4:00pm – 4:30pm5:30pm – 6:00pmIncluded
4:31pm – 5:00pm6:00pm – 6:30pm$25
5:00pm – 5:30pm6:31pm – 7:00pm$50
*Pro-Tip: Pre-purchasing a day of aftercare before pick-up is easier than paying the late pick up fees.

Week 1 – JUNE 29 – JULY 3

3D Rocket Design & Hands-On Engineering with Kerbal Space Program

Rocket Science3D PrintingHands-On EngineeringAnimationCircuitryArtInvention

You are the next generation of space explorers and it’s up to us to discover and create new worlds! Let’s suit up and fire those booster rockets to create real rockets that fly and virtual rockets that explore moons and planets. We’ll build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the little Kerbals fulfill their ultimate mission of creating sustainable space travel.

Week 2 – JULY 6-10

Play-based Game Design Animation & Coding with DIY Minecraft & Micro:bit Controllers

Hands-On EngineeringGame DesignAnimationArtInventionCodingCircuitry

This camp is all about hands-on creativity! We’ll build sustainable robots, music, and games with our pocket-sized, programmable Micro:bit micro-computers. We’ll create Mondrian-inspired playdough art, spinning animation phenakistoscopes that demonstrate persistence of vision, and re-create those epic artworks in Minecraft.

Week 3 – JULY 13-17

LEGO Robotics & Hands-on 3D Design with TinkerCAD

Hands-On EngineeringGame DesignAnimation3D PrintingRoboticsCodingCircuitryArt

Ever wonder what it’s like to build your own robot from scratch? This is your camp! Each day of camp, you’ll build a bigger and smarter and faster robot that learns to explore and create a more sustainable future. You’ll also 3D design and print your own robot accessories with the 3Doodler pen.

Week 4 – JULY 20-24

Worldbuilding with Scratch Coding, Roblox & Micro:bit

Rocket Science3D PrintingHands-On EngineeringAnimationCircuitryArtInvention

City builders and dreamers will reimagine our fair city of New York to build and code a super-fun, sustainable community. We’ll prototype our worlds together in 3D shapes and create interactive stories, games, and animations within the Roblox Studio.

Week 5 – JULY 27-31

3D Design & Printing with TinkerCAD, 3Doodler & Minecraft

Hands-On EngineeringGame DesignAnimationArtInventionCodingElectrical EngineeringCircuitry

Let’s get hands-on to create a green future with 3D printing pens, computer aided design, and the immersive world of Minecraft. We’ll collaborate to solve real-world challenges like planet-friendly farming, sustainable transportation, and renewable energy.

Week 6 – AUG 3-7

Create Your Own Space Program: Rocket Design in TinkerCAD, Kerbal & 3Doodler

Game DesignAnimationCoding3D PrintingRocket ScienceCircuitryMechanical EngineeringArt

Calling future astronauts and rocketeers! We’re building sustainable spacecraft and space stations for launches, orbits, landings, and even a few malfunctions, explosions, repairs, and rescues. We’ll make balloon towers that mimic graphene geothermal systems and global cooling space tubes and a shock absorbing, parachute space lander and test it with an egg!

Week 7 – AUG 10-14

Hands-on Engineering & Design with LEGO Robotics, Minecraft & MaKey MaKey

Hands-on EngineeringLEGO RoboticsMinecraftMaKey MaKeyInventionArt

Roll up your sleeves engineers! This week it’s all about hands-on building! We’ll explore how engineers at NASA, Apple and Tesla create smart rockets, devices, and cars with lots of hands-on projects in LEGO robotics and MaKey MaKey microcontrollers.

Week 8 – AUG 17-21

Space Engineering: Exploring New Worlds in Kerbal, Roblox & Micro:bit

Space EngineeringKerbalRobloxMicro:bitInvention

We’re launching into hands-on rocket design and sustainable space exploration in this introduction to NASA engineering. We’ll build a lemon-powered light and a DIY electromagnet with wire, a nail, and a battery. We’ll automate farms, build green transport systems, and cultivate alternative fuels in the Roblox Studio and control our vehicles, rockets and satellites with the Micro:bit microcontroller.

Week 9 – AUG 24-28

Play-based Coding & Game Design with Minecraft & 3D Printing

Hands-On EngineeringGame Design3D PrintingCodingCircuitryInventionMechanical EngineeringArt

How do you create a farm that is kind to animals? How do you make the subway friendly to all riders? How do you power a giant city on solar energy? This is your chance to build, code and playtest games based on your wildest dreams…of a sustainable world.

Week 10 – AUG 31-SEPT 4

LEGO Robotics & Game Design with Roblox & MaKey MaKey

RoboticsCodingGame DesignHands-On EngineeringArtInventionElectrical Engineering

Let’s build robots that walk, roll, lift, talk, play and learn! We’ll start by building a hydraulic powered robotic arm and a DIY electromagnet with wire, a nail, and a battery. We’ll design and code new Roblox Studio worlds where virtual robots can play and explore.


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